Sandy James is an artist of many dimensions. This site displays just one aspect of her artistic styles.


These local scenes are a simple and delightful transition from photo to design to print and to paint. They are a personal focus and reflect the joy of living in many beautiful places on the Central Coast and beyond. 

Each piece is unique. Every print is painted by hand. There is a limit to a particular print which keeps the work fresh and exciting. 

All the images here are in square format and they range in sizes small, medium and medium large. Dimensions are displayed when you point on an image in the Gallery. 

Framing is contained to white, black, latte and grey. Frame widths vary from 27mm to 40mm, box frame and flat frame. Mattboard is black or white. 

Personal commissions are available for your favourite iconic scene or your pet, your home or even your car.

These works make a great gift. They are small and light and easy to post yet they are a personal statement.

For orders, inquiries and commissions please contact us.

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